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Month: February 2019

John Oliver Explains Why Donald Trump’s ‘Nonsense’ Flipped The Script For Comedians

John Oliver thinks President Donald Trump’s “vacuous nonsense” has forced comedians to cover his administration in a totally different way. But with Trump, comedians have “to go through a different system where you’re trying to inject meaning into something that he said that’s objectively meaningless.” “That’s the problem,” he noted. “It’s so much vacuous nonsense that you feel like he’s just chumming the water with bullshit. One of the first things you need to do is convince someone why something that he’s just said—which does not seem like it’s worth listening to—is worth listening to.” Oliver also revealed that he didn’t want to interview the president. “I’ve got no interest in talking to him,” he said. “Interviewing him is pointless.”

Jim Carrey Gives Birth To His Most Disturbing Donald Trump Cartoon Yet

Jim Carrey described President Donald Trump’s birth as “the real State of Emergency” in the caption of a new cartoon that he shared online Friday. “Definitely not human,” the actor-comedian-artist added about his artistic reimagining of the president being born at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens, New York, in 1946. Carrey shared the latest in his long line of anti-Trump pieces just hours after the president’s declaration of a national emergency to pay for his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Bill Maher: Donald Trump’s Wall Emergency Is Part Of Slow-Moving Right-Wing Coup

“He did it, fucko did it today,” said Maher, who described Trump’s address as “just completely crackers.” “I know I’ve said that before, but this was just one long, baseless, incoherent, stream of consciousness, call-the-nursing-home rant,” he added. Maher later repeated his theory, which he previously made in the days before the 2016 election, about how a slow-moving right-wing coup is taking over the country. This is “democracy-hanging-by-a-thread kind of stuff,” he added.

Stephen Colbert Gets Lost In A Sea Of Donald Trump 2020 Democratic Challengers

Stephen Colbert celebrated ― and gently mocked ― the growing number of Democratic candidates who are throwing their hats into the ring to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020. “The Late Show” host on Friday got lost in a sea of potential presidential hopefuls, before making an inevitable Where’s Waldo?-themed gag.

Oscars Will Now Air All The Show’s Categories Live, Reversing Decision

The Academy Awards will be airing all of the categories presented at its Feb. 24 Oscars show live after it faced sharp criticism for a decision to present some awards during commercial breaks. “The Academy has heard the feedback from its membership regarding the Oscar presentation of four awards,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said in a statement Friday, noting that all awards “will be presented without edits, in our traditional format.” Academy officials had announced Monday that four award categories ― cinematography, makeup and hairstyling, film editing and live-action short ― would be presented during the show’s commercial breaks. Critics were swift to denounce the decision as discrediting the work of people behind the camera and giving less due to underrepresented vo...

Ja Rule Says He Plans To Create A New Festival Following The Fyre Disaster

Ja Rule has indicated that he has his sights set on getting behind another festival following the disastrous Fyre Festival, which spectacularly fell apart in April 2017.  The rapper told TMZ that Fyre was the “most iconic festival that never was” before announcing in a video Thursday that he is planning another fest. ″I have plans to create the Iconnic music fest,” he said, playing off the name of his new talent booking services app, Iconn.  Ja Rule came under fierce scrutiny on social media for his involvement and promotion of the failed Fyre Festival after Hulu and Netflix each released documentaries on the fiasco last month. I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers… 🤦🏾‍♂️ — Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) January 20, 2019 The Fyre Festival was sold to attendees as a lavi...

Brandi Carlile Credits Ellen DeGeneres With Inspiring Her To Come Out

Fresh off her triumph at the 2019 Grammy Awards last Sunday, Brandi Carlile gave fans another opportunity to marvel at her musical prowess when she swung by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday for a performance.  The Seattle-based singer-songwriter performed a chilling version of “The Joke,” accompanying herself on acoustic guitar. It was a wildly different interpretation of the award-winning hit, though just as effective.  In a brief interview following the performance, Carlile opened up about her Grammy experience, recalling the heartwarming speech she gave after accepting the award for Best American Roots Song for “The Joke.” “I basically just outlined that I came out of the closet when I was 14 years old because of you, and just never attended any parties or was never invited to a d...

Former ‘Fresh Prince’ Star Denied Copyright On ‘Carlton’ Dance

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro probably isn’t kicking up his heels at this news: The U.S. Copyright Office won’t allow him to copyright his famous “Carlton Dance.” Ribeiro created the dance in the early 1990s while playing Will Smith’s cousin Carlton on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.” In December, the actor sued video gaming companies Epic Games, the creator of “Fortnite,” and Take-Two Interactive, which owns the “NBA 2K” series, for including the dance in their games without his permission. To boost his case, Ribeiro sought to copyright the Carlton Dance, but his application was denied by the U.S. Copyright Office, according to The Hollywood Reporter, The copyright office rejected the registration because Ribeiro’s “choreographic work” was just a “simple dance routine,” Saskia Florence, a superviso...

Blame Lady Gaga’s Botched Musical Tattoo On ‘Too Many Tequilas’

Lady Gaga apparently took a page out of Ariana Grande’s book What Not To Do When Getting A Tattoo and ended up with a body art fail all her own.  The singer, who’s reportedly amassed a collection of more than 20 tattoos, debuted some new ink on Valentine’s Day by Los Angeles-based artist Winter Stone but had to make a quick fix when fans pointed out a glaring error.  Gaga and manager Bobby Campbell inked the notes that spell out her name on a musical staff on their inner arms. However, instead of drawing five horizontal lines on the musical staff, there were only four. Luckily, Gaga had a sense of humor about the botched tattoo and quickly added another line to her arm, before joking that “too many tequilas” were to blame. “Musical crisis averted,” she wrote alongside a photo of the new an...

Kendall Jenner Bites Into A Croc And Rubik’s Cube In Odd Game

Model Kendall Jenner might make some tough dietary choices in her normal day, but deciding whether to chomp into a Croc clog probably isn’t one of them. That changed on “The Tonight Show” Thursday when the reality show star and host Jimmy Fallon matched palates in a game of “Food or Not Food.” Patterned after a Japanese game show, the two guessed which random objects were genuine and which were actually food. The moment of truth came when they had to bite into each one they chose. Among the other delicacies that Jenner sampled were a Rubik’s Cube and a Mr. Potato Head toy. Find out above if any provided actual sustenance.

Pink Hurt Herself Slashing Husband Carey Hart’s Tires Over Thanksgiving

Pink revealed that she hurt herself while slashing her husband Carey Hart’s tires “not long ago.”  The singer told Ellen DeGeneres that the injury and incident occurred last Thanksgiving. “The holidays are stressful,” Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, said to a look of disbelief from DeGeneres and laughs from the audience during an episode of the talk show host’s show that aired Friday. “I got clean through the first one. He has a raised F250 and those tires are thick, thank you very much,” she added. “And the second one I lost a little steam and I hit the metal part and my hand just went straight down the knife.”  Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Carey Hart (left) and Pink arrive at the American Music Awards in November 2017 in Los Angeles. Pink said she slashed Hart’s tires las...

Prince Harry’s Valentine’s Day Surprise Made Him ​Prett​y​ Uncomfortable

Prince Harry spent his first Valentine’s Day as a married man away from the Duchess of Sussex ― but only for a few hours.  The royal spent part of the holiday inside the Arctic Circle in Norway with British and Norwegian troops to observe extreme cold weather training, traditionally called Exercise Clockwork.  The soldiers treated Harry to a funny ― and somewhat uncomfortable ― surprise, hidden inside an igloo.  The interior of the snow house was decorated with photos of the duke and former actresses’ royal wedding day on May 19. The troops even added soft music and candlelight to complete what Harry called the “romantic” shrine. The royal was clearly a bit overwhelmed by it all. Rebecca English of the Daily Mail captured a video of Harry’s astonishment.  Prince Harry was very taken with h...

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