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‘America’s Got Talent’ Asked Lindsey Stirling To Compete Again. Here’s What She Said.

Lindsey Stirling appeared on Season 5 of “America’s Got Talent” ― a whopping eight years ago. Since competing on the show, she’s gone on to tour the world and amassed more than two billion views on YouTube. Last year, she snagged the best-selling new Christmas album with “Warmer in the Winter.” But recently, the producers of “America’s Got Talent” gave her a ring, she said. They wanted Stirling to return to the “AGT’ stage to compete in “The Champions,” a spinoff of the variety competition, which finds previous contenders from seasons 1 – 13 facing off against one another. “It was really funny because they called me, and I thought maybe they wanted me to be a guest performer or something and I literally, my jaw kind of dropped,” she told HuffPost at Build Series. “They were like, ‘We...

Rachel McAdams Wears Breast Pump, Versace And Diamonds In Powerful Picture

Rachel McAdams is an actress, a working mom and ― as we were all reminded this week ― an unmatched server of looks. Claire Rothstein, photographer and founder of the magazine Girls Girls Girls, shared a behind-the-scenes pic from McAdams’ recent photo shoot for the magazine. The snap shows McAdams pumping breast milk while decked out in Versace and Bulgari diamonds galore. Rothstein posted the picture on Instagram Tuesday, saying she had a “million reasons” for sharing it. “This shoot was about 6 months post her giving birth to her son, so between shots she was expressing/pumping as still breastfeeding,” Rothstein wrote. “Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of,” she went on. “I don’t even th...

‘Aladdin’ Remake First Look Debuts Will Smith’s ‘Hip-Hop’ Genie

The story of “Aladdin” is ready for a new fantastic point of view. Disney invited fans into its cave of wonders with a first look at the Guy Ritchie-directed film in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, including a peek at Will Smith as the ever impressive, the long contained, often imitated, but never duplicated Genie.  On the cover of the issue, Smith is joined by “Power Rangers” star Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Canadian actor Mena Massoud as Aladdin.  A whole new world. Check out the exclusive first look at Disney’s #Aladdin on the cover of the newest issue of @EW! — Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) December 19, 2018 In the accompanying interview, the stars and director explain how they reimagined the world of the belov...

Cardi B Says EXPLICITLY What She Misses About Sex After Split From Offset

Cardi B was drinking coffee, but her mind was on another pick-me-up. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper sipped her brew while spilling graphic details on Instagram Live about what she misses about sex ― more specifically, the penis. That she waxed nostalgic so soon after her separation from husband Offset led some outlets to assume she was talking about the Migos member, though she didn’t mention anyone by name in this clip. (She also said she didn’t want to “relapse.”) Anyway, it’s all here for you to figure out. Start at 2:42 below ― and make sure you’re listening with headphones if you’re in the office. This seems to be a big week in phallus appreciation. “Wrecking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus and “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart both declared themselves satisfied with their partners’ “good dick ga...

Chevel Shepherd Wins ‘The Voice’: ‘I’m Still Hyperventilating’

Chevel Shepherd, a 16-year-old country singer, won “The Voice” on Tuesday, capping a run that highlighted her old-school style. Her coach, Kelly Clarkson, joined her onstage for an embrace, marking the second team victory in a row for the former “American Idol” champ, who mentored contestant Brynn Cartelli to the top in Season 14 of “The Voice,” USA Today reported. “I’m still hyperventilating,” Shepherd said in a clip provided by “Entertainment Tonight,” above. Here’s her winning moment: Fellow country singers Chris Kroeze and Kirk Jay finished second and third, and 14-year-old R&B pop performer Kennedy Holmes came in fourth. Shepherd put her talents on display one last time, joining Dan + Shay on their hit “Speechless.” Shepherd, a New Mexico native, made a big impression with her ran...

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Up Donald Trump’s ‘Thank You’ Hotline And Can’t Believe His Ears

Kimmel dialed into his own spoof version of the number on Tuesday night, and was somewhat surprised by the options. “For instructions in English, press 1 now. For instructions in Spanish, go back to wherever the hell you came from,” said a voice, which Kimmel jokingly claimed was Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, who’s featured in the original ad. “If you’d like to thank him for making it OK to use casual racism on Facebook, press 2 now,” the voice continues, before inviting the caller to put their name into the running for next White House chief of staff. Kimmel later left his own message thanking Trump. But it may not have been the kind of appreciation Trump’s hotline was hungering for.

Stephen Colbert Has A Donald Trump-Themed Idea Of What Les Moonves May Do Next

Stephen Colbert speculated about the future of former CBS chief executive Les Moonves on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.” The comedian noted that Moonves, his former boss, lost his $120 million severance package with the network following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault, and his reported refusal to cooperate with investigators. “But don’t worry about Mr. Moonves,” Colbert said, noting that the man who hired him had been compensated to the tune of $1 billion over the last decade. “What’s he going to do now? What job could a famous TV billionaire with sexual allegations possibly get? Oh my God,” Colbert rhetorically asked himself, in reference to claims of sexual misconduct that have been made against President Donald Trump.

Dan Crenshaw Spoke With Pete Davidson After ‘SNL’ Star’s Dire Post

Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), the former Navy SEAL once mocked by Pete Davidson, has reached out to help the troubled “Saturday Night Live” comic. Crenshaw told NBC’s Houston affiliate on Tuesday that he advised Davidson to seek out his purpose in life and to “know that you have value and you do more good than you realize for people.”  “He makes people laugh,” Crenshaw added. “Sometimes he makes people mad. But he makes people laugh a lot. It was a good conversation.” Crenshaw conceded that the two don’t know each other very well, “but I think he appreciated hearing from me.” Their connection began when Davidson, in an “SNL” segment before the November election, insulted Crenshaw’s eyepatch, which the newly elected lawmaker wears after losing an eye to a bomb in Afghanistan. Backlash ...

Seth Meyers Reveals The Teen Slang Used To Escape Donald Trump Talk

Seth Meyers has you covered when it comes to decoding teen slang. The “Late Night” host put a holiday-themed spin on his regular “Seth Explains” segment on Tuesday to translate various spoof terms he claims the kids are using nowadays. Such as “Bethlehemp” ― which Meyers joked was “where you go during the holidays to smoke weed.” He then placed it into context: Find out what other spoof slang ― including “Nativity Jesus,” “Bruce Willis” and “13th Day of Christmas” ― means to Meyers in the full clip above.

James Corden, Emily Blunt And Lin-Manuel Miranda Run (And We Mean Run) Through 22 Musicals

It’s hardly a secret that James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show,” has boundless love for musicals. So with the stars of “Mary Poppins Returns” – Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda – as guests on Tuesday, a musical number was obvious. What wasn’t so obvious was how they would jam 22 musicals – complete with costume changes – into a 12-minute lollapalooza. Miranda showed the greatest range, portraying a dog, a tree and even the wind in addition to Gene Kelly. Blunt had the most wig changes. And Corden was, well, Corden. Blunt and Corden reprised their song “It Takes Two” from “Into the Woods.” And Miranda sneaked in a reference to “Hamilton,” the Broadway musical he wrote and starred in. Check out the video above.

Michelle Obama Reveals Her Last Thought On Leaving The White House: ‘Bye, Felicia!’

Former first lady Michelle Obama almost made “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon fall out of his chair on Tuesday when she told him the two words that went through her mind when she and former President Barack Obama bid farewell to the White House in 2017. Fallon showed the former first lady a photograph of the Obamas as they were boarding a plane at Andrews Air Force Base in 2017 following the inauguration of President Donald Trump. In the photo, Michelle Obama is smiling broadly. ASSOCIATED PRESS Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, leaving Andrews Air Force Base after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017. Fallon asked Obama what was going through her mind and before he could finish the question she said, “Bye, Felicia!” Fallon also asked Obama if she was opti...

The Debate Is Over: New Trailer Makes ‘Die Hard’ An Official Christmas Movie

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) Jimmy Stewart is perfect in this story of a man who thinks his life is worthless, but an angel helps him realize that he’s made a big difference in the world. The story never ceases to inspire me. Lionel Barrymore is amazing as Mr. Potter – possibly the meanest bad guy in history. AP

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