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Jim Carrey Puts Terrifying ‘Jaws’-Style Spin On Donald Trump’s Shutdown

Jim Carrey Puts Terrifying ‘Jaws’-Style Spin On Donald Trump’s Shutdown

Jim Carrey used an artistic allegory to criticize President Donald Trump for the ongoing partial government shutdown.

For the actor-artist’s latest politically themed cartoon, he illustrated a shark lurking underwater near a man, woman and child — with its jaws open, ready to attack:

“State of the Union, 2019: 800,000 families treading water,” Carrey captioned his image, which he shared to Twitter Wednesday, in an apparent reference to the number of federal workers who have been without pay since the shutdown began Dec. 22. “Trump and his kind have plenty to eat,” he added.

Carrey’s art inspired a range of reactions online. One person who claimed to be a furloughed federal worker thanked him:

Others noted how thousands of other people who contract their services to the federal government were also without pay:

Carrey, whose artwork HuffPost has relentlessly reported on in recent months, criticized the shutdown earlier this month with this piece aimed at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.):

HuffPost readers: Are you affected by the government shutdown? Email us about it. If you’re willing to be interviewed, please provide a phone number.

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