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Jimmy Fallon Mocks Tom Brady’s Vanity In Super Bowl ‘Superstitions’ Bit

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Tom Brady’s Vanity In Super Bowl ‘Superstitions’ Bit

Tom Brady has a lot of experience going into Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. He’s won the big game five times, and he played in it on three other occasions.

But the New England Patriots quarterback still performs a pregame ritual for luck ― and it’s a rather vain one, according to “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

In a comedy bit on Thursday’s show called “Game Day Superstitions,” Fallon pointed out the unusual things a few of the Rams and Patriots players do.

Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who resembles a certain actor, likes “standing in the rain holding a notebook and whispering to himself, ’I am Ryan Gosling.′”

Brady, however, takes self-affirmation to a whole other level.

Fast forward to the 1:40 mark above and take a look.

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