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Photos Of Alec Baldwin In The ’80s Are Almost Too Good To Be True

The actor’s career kicked off in 1980, when he was cast as Billy Aldrich in “The Doctors,” a daytime soap that rivaled “General Hospital.” Then came a role in a primetime medical drama, “Cutter To Houston,” in which he played Dr. Hal Wexler. Since then, he’s appeared in a slew of roles spanning TV, Broadway and film ― “Knots Landing,” Beetlejuice” and “Serious Money,” just to name a few ― cementing his place as one of Hollywood’s top stars (and the most famous of the Baldwin brothers). One constant, especially in those early days, was Baldwin’s impressive head of hair. Whether it was slicked back or blowing in the wind, it always looked worthy of a shampoo commercial. It should also be noted that back in the ’80s, Baldwin rocked the hell out of short-shorts and even made a neckerchief work...

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