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‘SNL’ Perfectly Captures The Shopping Experience For People Who Hate Shopping

Clothes shopping isn’t for everyone: the choices, the crowds, the harsh lighting ― it can all be a bit much. And not everyone feels like pulling off a bold, look-at-me outfit every day. Lucky for us, now there’s Fashion Coward, a satirical store designed by “Saturday Night Live” that the less shopping-inclined will wish were a real place. Especially exciting offerings include “pants for the legs” and a “big gray zip-up sweatshirt” that “doubles as a real life invisibility cloak.” But it’s the fitting room at Fashion Coward that speaks to the true dread of shopping. Mirrors are placed at a mercifully far distance so they won’t trigger horrible memories of trying things on and the store even has an, err, unconventional tactic to help with decision-making. When a customer takes more than 30 s...

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