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Macaulay Culkin Releases Hilarious ‘Home Alone’-Inspired Ad And Twitter Goes Wild

Kevin! Look what you’ve done to the internet!  In a new ad for Google, Macaulay Culkin relives his most famous scenes as Kevin McCallister from the classic Christmas film, “Home Alone,” with an updated twist.  Though Culkin himself is 38, this minute-long clip will make everyone feel like a kid again, from the second he walks down the stairs and says “Mom?” to an empty house.  All the filthy animals on social media loved seeing what older Kevin (who now apparently has an ailing back) was up to.  Most responded to Culkin’s tweet about the ad with sheer glee and lots of great “Home Alone” references: — casperNgrayson (@SnJP) December 19, 2018 This made my Christmas- ya filthy animal! 😍 — Danny Epperson (@DannyEpperson) December 19, 2018 After Seeing This commercia...

The surprising rise of Google’s new CEO

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The inside story of why Google is becoming Alphabet now

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