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Mohammad bin Salman

Hasan Minhaj Jabs Saudi Arabia For Netflix Censorship

Comedian Hasan Minhaj opened the season premiere of his Netflix show “Patriot Act” by directly addressing how the streaming service gave into demands from Saudi Arabia’s government last month to remove an episode critical of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “This is ‘Patriot Act’ — or as it’s known in Saudi Arabia, ‘Error 404, not found,’” Minhaj said at the start of the first episode of the show’s second season, which premiered Sunday.  “I still can’t believe it. We got Saudi Arabia to issue its very own Muslim ban,” he joked later, before recapping “how I became an Internet bad boy.” Minhaj confirmed reports that the Saudi government requested that Netflix take down an episode from October, in which Minhaj criticized bin Salman for reported involvement in the slaying of Washington Post ...

Netflix Takes Down Episode Of Hasan Minhaj’s Show After Saudi Arabia Complains

An episode of “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” has been removed by Netflix in Saudi Arabia after the country expressed complaints about material in the show. “Now would be a good time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia. And I mean that as a Muslim and as an American,” says Minhaj in the episode titled “Saudi Arabia.” He goes on to discuss the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October and was revealed to have been slain on orders from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Khashoggi’s body has not been found. The comedian then addresses the crown prince, referring to him as MBS, by critiquing the United States’ relationship with him and Saudi Arabia. “MBS asked, ‘Why the outrage?’ and frankly, MBS’ confusio...

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