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‘Bel Air’ Trailer Goes Viral With Dark Gritty Take On ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’

What if the tone of beloved ’90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” got “flipped-turned upside down”? That’s precisely what’s happened in Morgan Cooper’s fan-made trailer “Bel Air,” which is a grim retelling of the original story. Set in today’s world, “Bel Air” explores serious issues such as gang violence, police brutality and wealth inequity — a stark contrast to the goofy nature of the original show. Despite all that grit and drama, there are also some very sweet moments in the trailer, including a nod to the famous Carlton dance. Sun Squared Media “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone …” “Like most 90’s kids, I grew up watching Fresh Prince,” Cooper tweeted on Sunday along with the clip. “Even as a kid, I always thought there was more to the story… so I dec...

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