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Curly Bangs Are The Coolest Hairstyle To Try In 2019

We’re officially dubbing 2019 the year of the curly bangs. For too long, bangs have seemed like one of those hairstyles reserved for straight-haired people, or people with a lot of free time to blow-dry their bangs straight. But if stars like Natasha Lyonne and Sandra Oh have shown us anything over the past few months, it’s that curly bangs are downright cool. “I think [it’s] because the contemporary woman doesn’t like spending a lot of time on [her hair],” said Marcel Dagenais, the hairstylist responsible for Lyonne’s “Russian Doll” tresses. “My experience working with women is that they want to embrace their natural texture so they’re not stuck under a blow-dryer or a slave to the flat iron. I think it’s just kind of embracing what you have in 2019.” If you’re curious about trying the tr...

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