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Seth Meyers Trolls Glenn Beck With A Not-So-Subtle Chalkboard Message

Seth Meyers on Thursday examined how Republicans were “already falling in line” with President Donald Trump ahead of his bid for re-election in 2020 — including one supposedly reformed, right-wing pundit named Glenn Beck. The host of NBC’s “Late Night” noted how Beck spent “most of his years as one of the most unhinged voices” on Fox News, using a chalkboard to claim that former President Barack Obama was a dictator. Beck’s apparent “change of heart” saw him attacking Trump in the aftermath of his 2016 victory. But Meyers said Beck finally “dropped the act” this week when he predicted that if the GOP didn’t retain control of the White House, “we are officially at the end of the country as we know it.” Meyers concluded his segment by sending a not-so-subtle chalkboard message of his own to ...

Seth Meyers Turns Donald Trump’s ‘Husband From Hell’ Attack On George Conway Right Back At Him

Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with George Conway, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, continued on Wednesday as the president described the conservative attorney as the “husband from hell.” But “Late Night” host Seth Meyers explained why Trump was “the last person” who should call anyone that. “You’ve been divorced twice, you paid hush money to a porn star, your affairs were all over the tabloids and you misspelled your wife’s name,” said Meyers. “If anything, ‘Husband From Hell’ sounds like the name of a Lifetime movie about you.” Check out the clip above.

Seth Meyers Points Out Fatal Flaw With Rep. Steve King’s Civil War Meme

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” explained Tuesday that he didn’t believe King, who has a history of promoting white nationalist rhetoric, really wants a civil war, but warned “there are a lot of unstable people out there who are prone to violence.” “And one of them,” Meyers added, is President Donald Trump. The comedian explained why the meme shared by King was “very poorly designed.” He also highlighted how King’s state of Iowa is blue in the graphic, which has since been removed from the congressman’s Facebook page. “That means, if there is a civil war, you would have to be a spy in enemy territory and I just don’t think you will be that believable as a liberal union worker,” Meyers joked.  Check out the clip above.

Seth Meyers’ Racism Warning To Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Is Loud And Clear

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” argued on Monday that “the only thing worse than saying something” as offensive as Pirro’s suggestion that Omar’s hijab may mean her beliefs are “antithetical to the Constitution” was “saying it that loud.” “Why does she always talk like she has a bad connection?” Meyers asked of Pirro. “You know when you say something bigoted, you’re supposed to whisper it in private, right?” He then brought out a megaphone and, mimicking “Pirro’s style,” said: “You know who I don’t like? Muslims.” Check out the segment above.

Seth Meyers Conducts New Donald Trump Test On Beto O’Rourke, Draws ‘F**king Weird’ Conclusion

Seth Meyers is keen to scrutinize weird comments made by Donald Trump’s possible Democratic challengers in 2020 in the same way he mockingly picks apart those made by the president himself. The comedian explained on Thursday’s broadcast of “Late Night” that “we’re going to ask ourselves ‘would we make fun of Trump if he said that?’” Meyers mimicked Trump as he read out some O’Rourke’s answers from an interview with Vanity Fair about one of his first political campaign rallies: “Because every word was pulled out of me. Like, by some greater force, which was just the people there. Everything that I said, I was, like, watching myself, being like, How am I saying this stuff? Where is this coming from?” “Yeah, no, Beto, that was fucking weird. Yeah. That was a fucking weird thing to say,” Meyer...

Seth Meyers Names The Cartoon Culprit In The College Admissions Scandal

The host of NBC’s “Late Night” noted how “Desperate Housewives” actress Felicity Huffman, one of 48 people charged in an alleged bribery scheme to obtain top college spots for their kids, wrote in an email released by prosecutors: “Ruh Roh. Looks like (my daughter’s high school) wants to provide proctor.” “She literally sat down at a computer and typed the words ‘Ruh Roh,’” said Meyers. “Making this the rare case where Scooby-Doo was the criminal.”  Check out the full segment above.

Seth Meyers Uses ‘The Office’ To Tear Into Republicans Downplaying Manafort Crimes

Paul Manafort “wasn’t a marginal figure in Trump’s orbit,” Meyers said, despite the spin some conservatives are putting on the issue.  “He was the president’s campaign chairman. Just listen to that — president, campaign and chairman. Each one of those words is super important, and yet Republicans talk about him as if he was assistant to the regional manager,” the “Late Night” host joked, referencing the worthless title boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) bestows upon Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) on the hit show. U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III was widely criticized last week after he sentenced Manafort to just 47 months in prison for a slew of crimes involving long-term bank and tax fraud. The sentencing guidelines had recommended between 19 and 24 years. Manafort faces a sentencing hear...

Donald Trump’s Latest Weird Handshake Sets Seth Meyers Off

“It’s like he was going in for a karate chop and then remembered it was supposed to be a handshake,” he joked on Thursday’s broadcast of “Late Night.” “Trump always shakes hands the way a 7-year-old boy would think a big important businessman shakes hands,” Meyers added, before mimicking the president: “I’m going to go in for the chop then up and down real hard and then I say ‘good job with the files we should go golfing sometime.’” Check out the clip above.

Seth Meyers Nails Irony Of Donald Trump Going To Vietnam And ‘Getting Killed Back Home’

Seth Meyers returned to poking fun at President Donald Trump as he dissected the two biggest news stories of the day on Wednesday. The host of NBC’s “Late Night” picked apart Trump’s summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House oversight committee, during which the president’s former fixer and lawyer accused the president of “a bunch” of crimes. “Trump finally went to Vietnam and he’s getting killed back home,” he joked. Check out the full clip above.

Seth Meyers Uses Michael Cohen Disbarment To Predict Donald Trump’s Downfall

“And it’s only a matter of time before Trump is convicted for lying under Stormy,” the comedian quipped. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in December after admitting lying about his involvement with a Russian real estate firm for a Trump Tower project during the campaign. He also pleaded guilty to charges related to hush-money payoffs to two women ― one of them presumedly adult film actress Stormy Daniels ― to silence them about alleged affairs with Trump. Meyers had plenty to say about the Trump-Kim summit as well.

Seth Meyers Chews Out ‘Desperate’ Donald Trump Over Cow Lies: ‘Fake Moos’

Meyers also poked fun at conservatives worried that a future president could declare a national emergency, as Trump has done to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall, to tackle global warming. “Climate change is an actual emergency and you can’t build a wall around it unless you build one around the entire planet,” Meyers explained, before mimicking Trump to say: “We’re going to build a space wall and Mars is going to pay for it.” Check out the clip above.

Seth Meyers Zooms In On Clearest Sign Trump’s National Emergency Is Fake

After declaring a national emergency on Friday to build his U.S.-Mexico border wall, President Donald Trump spent the three-day weekend in Florida and was photographed having breakfast at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. “There’s no clearer sign that this is not a real emergency than the fact that he is at an omelet bar,” “Late Night” host Seth Meyers said. “In a real emergency, no one goes to the omelet bar.” Meyers also slammed Trump for his beige golf outfit.   “It’s good to see your emergency-wear is the official uniform of golf grandpas everywhere,” Meyers said. “Look at him. He looks like a six-foot-tall Band-Aid. “I’m shocked he wasn’t wearing a fanny pack and trying to get them to take an expired coupon. I’m sorry, but that is not how our president should look ...

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