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Trial of Michael Jackson

Why Michael Jackson’s Accusers Don’t Expect Others To Come Forward With Abuse Claims

Ahead of the release of HBO’s “Leaving Neverland,” the two accusers whose stories are featured in the shocking documentary detailing pop icon Michael Jackson’s years of alleged child sexual abuse say that they don’t expect other accusers to speak out. “I do think there are others out there. But I also don’t expect them to just come out now that we’re coming out,” accuser James Safechuck told “CBS This Morning” in an interview that aired Thursday. “It’s such a difficult thing to do, to come out. You have to do it when you’re ready.” Jackson, who died in 2009, faced public allegations from two other boys: in 1993 from Jordan Chandler, whose case was settled privately; and from Gavin Arvizo at a high-profile trial in 2005, when a jury acquitted Jackson of the charges. At the time, both Safech...

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